Customer Testimonials & Sample Sites

We have written sites for a very varied clientele and continue to content manage most of them on their behalf.
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Hypnosis For Health

"Having a website designed for you is quite a nerve-wracking experience. You are putting your business in front of the whole world and the big question has always been "will they like it?". Talking to Sid and seeing how the site emerged has been fascinating. He not only got what I wanted, but consulted us at every step along the way and really gave the site the look and feel I was aiming for. He did this for us, but really getting to understand my needs as a client and advising us with a personal approach was a refreshing change."

Linda Blaker, Hypnosis For Health.

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Sash Windows

"We had been left with a defunct site that we were unable to amend due to the previous designers vanishing. The reins were taken up and within a few days we had a brand new amendable site which mean't we could concentrate on our own business. The problem's were taken entirely out of our hands."

Andy Ryall, The Sash Window & Door Company.

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Pole School - Pole Dancing classes in Hertfordshire.

SSE Grip Gear - TV and film camera equipment.

Home Call Carpets - Carpet supplier in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

Le Laurier Cottage - French cottage countryside holidays.

Jills Florida Villa - Disneyland & Golf holiday villa in Florida.

Potters Bar Tutorials - Private tuition, Potters Bar, Herts.


A varied range, I'm sure you'll agree!

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