How We Produce WebsitesTaking notes!

At Smart Web Centre, we have developed an orderly procedure by which we plan, design and produce a website.


The Initial Consultation
We work closely with each client to define the primary parameters of the project, to identify the targeted audience and to tailor the solution to your specific industry or market. We realise that you know your business and we need your knowledge so we can use ours to help you - a mutually beneficial scenario!



We gather all available data from you the client and other sources so we become familiar with the company's products, range of services and competition. We also research the potential technological difficulties and limitations.



If you are satisfied with the initial consultation and would like to proceed further, we can,if required, then progress to write a specification. In order to develop this, we will hold further discussions with you. This specification will cover in depth exactly what you would like to achieve, and exactly how it will be achieved. Together with the specification will be an exact costing for the project. This means that as long as the specification then remains unchanged, you will know exactly what the project will cost you and how long it will take.



Once the specification has been agreed then development can go ahead.

In the case of web design, we start by developing a 'preview' of the potential site, and work through an interactive process with you until you are happy with the design concept.

Next, we insert the text and functionality for the site.

With the text and functionality in place, we then work with you to perfect the site until you are completely satisfied with the results. You have total control over the final outcome of the project, which is why we actively involve you from the very beginning.


Testing/Quality Assurance

We test the web site on all platforms and common browsers, and if necessary, make required changes.



Once the process of refinement has been completed and your final approval has been granted, we will then undertake any post-development tasks that may have been agreed (for example, registering your site with search engines).


Site Launch

The site is uploaded to its own domain and is now "live" - your web-presence is complete!