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Website design, development, maintenance, content management, hosting, security and consultancy.

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Website Design and Development

Smart Web Centre is a one-stop centre for all your e-commerce & web site needs. We can develop the site from scratch, update it, re-design it, build it upon your existing site or content-manage your existing arrangements. Every client's needs are different, and because we recognise this, it means that we are able to design a solution that will be tailored specifically to your business. We adopt the approach to see where you are, where you want to be and how we can get you there.

If nothing else, it demonstrates credibility and a serious approach to your presence on the Internet. It is also crucial for your business to have the right domain name so that your customers can remember it easily and find their way to your web site quickly and effortlessly. Smart Web Centre will have your site up and running quickly and can update at a moments notice. Remember, your web site reflects you and your company and we can deliver the service quickly and efficiently.

Website Maintenance and Renovation

Even if you know very little about how the Internet works, you can still maximise the potential of your business. You may already have a fully functional site, but simply want some assistance in the day-to-day maintenance of it (such as changing pages, or managing the products in your store). We are able to take over this operation if you wish. We can fully manage your site for you, taking it from needing attention, to working to it's full potential for you.

In fact, no matter what your web design or web development needs, Smart Web Centre can help you achieve your targets. Ideally, we could competely run your web presence on your behalf leaving you free to do what you do best - run your own business! New-start companies If you are a new startup, we can help get you up and running by assisting with creation of your corporate image. This may include not only your website, but also your logo, colours, business cards and even T-shirts! So, don't delay, click here to contact us!

Website Content Management 

Our total package would cover web design and web development, web hosting, domain name registration, associated email addresses, Internet marketing, search engine submission and optimisation, plus Google Analytics (see below).

We have wide experience of many Content Management Systems and of different website construction tools.

Website Hosting and Security

Hosting is with a well-established and award winning company that Smart Web Centre has been using for the last 20 years. All associated security is also available with optional https secure hosting an added feature.

In addition, we can offer Cyber Security advice and expertise via one of our trusted partners.

Seach Engines, Analytics and reporting

We can offer analytics services through our knowledge of Google Analytics and associated utilities and can provide a full service for Google Adwords, Pay Per Click and full reporting.

Services we offer:

  • Web Design & Consultancy
  • Website renovation
  • Content Management
  • E-commerce & Shopping sites
  • Domain Registration
  • Domain Hosting
  • Email Accounts
  • Graphic Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Set up & management of Email marketing
  • Pay per click campaigns
  • Networking
  • IT Installations
  • Social Media Account management
  • All in one - total website management!

Web Consulting, Cyber Security and more

With a wide variety of business, public and private sector experience, we can advise on how to set up your website to best advantage, which together with cyber security, hosting and back up, provides the complete package.


Would you like to check out how your current site is performing?

We can provide a full and honest appraisal of your website including a full technical analysis, Google searchability check, keyword analysis and Search Engine Optimisation assessment.

This can not only assist you in the development of your web presence, but help to increase your profitability.

At Smart Web Centre, we have developed an orderly procedure by which we plan, design and produce a website and we work closely with each client to define the primary parameters of the project, to identify the targeted audience and to tailor the solution to your specific industry or market.

We realise that you know your business and we need your knowledge so we can use ours to help you - a mutually beneficial scenario!

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