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Smart Web Centre is a one-stop centre for all your e-commerce & web site needs. We can develop the site from scratch, up-date, re-design and build upon your existing site.

Every client's needs are different, and because we recognise this, it means that we are able to design a solution that will be tailored specifically to your business.

We can provide you with the Smart Web Centre Total Package that covers web design and web development, web hosting, domain name registration, and Internet marketing (including search engine registration). So, even if you know very little about how the Internet works, you can still maximise the potential of your business.

We can design the look of your site only, allowing you to complete the content of the site at your leisure. You may already have your site and all the content, but want it to look more professional - let us help you achieve this.

Domain Name registration. Having a domain name shouldn't be considered an option in business; it should be considered a necessity. If nothing else, it demonstrates credibility and a serious approach to your presence on the Internet. It is also crucial for your business to have the right domain name so that your customers can remember it easily, and so find their way to your web site quickly and effortlessly.

We can maintain your existing site. You may already have a fully functional site, but simply want some assistance in the day-to-day maintenance of it (such as changing pages, or managing the products in your store). We are able to take over this operation if you wish.

We are adept in all aspects of web design and web technology including :
domain name registration
search engine submission
web hosting
cgi scripts
database integration
e-commerce & shopping centres
On-Line Backup Facilities

Smart Web Centre will have your site up and running quickly and can update at a moments notice. Remember, your web site reflects you and your company.

A quality site will stand out from the crowd and Smart Web Centre can deliver the service quickly and efficiently.

In fact, no matter what your web design or web development needs, Smart Web Centre can help you achieve your goals.

So, don't delay, click here to contact us now.